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Public Speaking

Panels, Lectures & Guest Speaking

I prefer to write, but I also occasionally enjoy talking.

Despite being a writer at heart, I actually enjoy speaking in front of people. I know, it's weird.

So if you're looking for a lecture for your university class, school or workplace, or for a panelist on things I am qualified to talk about, in English or in Hebrew, go ahead and contact me.



  • Writing Series for TV & Web - What I've Learned So Far
    Sharing my journey in screenwriting and filmmaking so far, from creating web series, through writing for other shows like "The Jews Are Coming", all the way to co-creating and co-writing "Dismissed".
    Structure: Sharing lessons I've learned on writing, filmmaking and facing failure from the various projects I've worked on. Includes short screenings of deleted scenes & behind-the-scenes material.
    Target Audience: All. The content is adapted to the audience - whether younger or older, students or any other curious listeners.
    Length: 1-2 hours, depending on time constraints.


  • Touch - Connecting in the Age of Disconnection
    "Touch" is an award-winning short film, a dark comedy about teen communication in the age of digital media. You can read more about the film, as well as watch it, here.
    Structure: The lecture consists of a screening of the film, a short "making of presentation, and a Q&A session.
    Target Audience: All. Connects especially well with teens, and anyone interested (as I am) in the impacts of technology on human communication.
    Length: Approx. 1-1.5 hours.


  • Dead End - Making the Last Israeli Animated Series
    "Dead End" is an award-winning animated comedy web series produced for the public broadcaster KAN. It's a satire about post-apocalyptic Israel, and the ways in which it changed - and mostly the ways in which it didn't. You can read more about the series and watch full episodes here.
    Structure: A deep dive into the creation process of an animated web series - from initial conception to air. Including a screening on one episode (5 minutes) and exclusive behind-the-scenes material.
    Target Audience: All. Of particular interest to film students who are curious about the process of animation filmmaking, and animators.
    Length: Approx. 1-1.5 hours.


  • Writing a Season of TV - Where To Start?
    Using "Dismissed" as a test case, we'll discuss how the American writer's room model can be adapted to other territories with (much) lower budgets. 
    : A nuts-and-bolts dive into the process of writing a season of TV, step by step - from brainstorming, through a show bible, all the way to a written script (including examples, of course).
    Target Audience: Of particular interest to film students and creative writing students.
    Length: Approx. 1-1.5 hours.


Here is a non-definitive list of Things I Am Qualified to Talk About:

  • Screenwriting and Showrunning for TV & Web

  • Specific Projects - Dismissed, Dead End, Touch, etc.

  • The Israeli TV Industry

  • Creating Web Series

  • Writing & Directing Animation

  • etc.

Panelist & Guest Speaker

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