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Nir Berger | About Me


I'm Nir Berger, an Israeli screenwriter, showrunner and director working in TV and film, both in Israel and internationally. Graduate from the Tel Aviv University Film School and the European screenwriters’ program, Serial Eyes.

I've written and directed several series and films, working in various genres ranging from live-action dramedy series to animated satires. Recent notable works include the hit dramedy series Dismissed ("HaMefakedet") – winner of 18 Israeli TV Academy Awards for the first two seasons, including best screenplay and best dramedy series, and the public broadcaster’s most-watched drama series of 2021; the award-winning animated web series Dead End (Slamdance 2021); and the award-winning short film Touch (Palm Springs ShortFest 2020).


I've also served as head writer and as staff writer on several series, including the highly regarded sketch show The Jews Are Coming - winner of the 2021 Israeli TV Academy Awards for best writing. 

You can find my detailed filmography below or check out individual projects in-depth under the "My Work" tab.


I'm currently working on additional seasons of Dismissed, while also developing a slate of new, original series projects.


Screenwriter & Director.
Born 1986, residing in Tel Aviv, Israel. 
BA - Screenwriting for Film and Television - TAU School of Film.

Serial Eyes postgraduate training program for TV writers and producers - class of 2019/20.


  • 2021+ - Dismissed ("HaMefakedet" / המפקדת) - TV Dramedy Series (Kan - Israeli Public Broadcasting).
    Co-Creator, Co-Writer.

    • Winner of 18 Israeli TV Academy Awards for seasons 1 and 2, including two consecutive wins of both Best Dramedy Series and Best Writing in a Comedy Series

    • Season 3 currently in production

  • 2020+ - The Jews Are Coming ("HaYehudim Baim" / היהודים באים) - Satirical Sketch Show (Kan - Israeli Public Broadcasting).
    Staff Writer - Seasons 4, 5.

    • Winner, Best Script in a Satire Program - Awards of the Israeli Television Academy 2020

  • 2019 - Dead End ("Sof HaDerech" / סוף הדרך) - Animated Comedy Web Series (Kan - Israeli Public Broadcasting).
    Creator, Director, Co-Writer.
    All episodes available here (for English subtitles click "CC")

    • Selected for over 35 festivals worldwide including Slamdance Film Festival 2021

    • Winner, Best Animated Content - T.O Web Fest

    • Winner, Best Animation - Melbourne Web Fest 

    • Winner, Best Animation - Sicily Web Fest

    • Winner, Best Commissioned Animation - Animix Festival

    • Winner, Best Screenplay – Realist Web Fest

    • Winner, Best Animated Series - NZ Web Fest

    • Winner, Best Animated Series - Rio Web Fest

    • Winner, Best Creator in Animation & Webfilm - Asia Web Awards

    • Winner, Best International Comedy - 300 Seconds Short Film Festival

    • Series reached over 2 million views in Israel.

  • 2019 - Touch - Short drama/comedy film (produced with the support of Makor & Gesher Film Funds).
    Screenwriter & Director.

    • Selected for over 30 festivals worldwide

    • Winner, Best International Comedy - Best of NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (2020)

    • Winner, Grand Prize - Asiana Intl' Short Film Festival (2020)

    • Winner - Audience Choice, Most Promising Director - Tel Aviv Intl' Student Film Festival (2020)

    • Nominated - Palm Springs ShortFest 2020

    • Winner - Best Film & Best Screenplay - Moscow Shorts (Nov. 2019)

    • Winner - Best Narrative Short - Carmel Intl' Short Film Festival (2020)

    • Winner - Best Narrative - SHORT to the Point (March 2020).

    • Nominated - Jerusalem Film Festival 2019

  • 2019 - Lost in the Square ("Avudim BaRIbua" / אבודים בריבוע) - Educational Sketch Show (Kan 23).
    Head Writer - Season 2.

  • 2019 - Cramped ("Tsafuf" / צפוף) - Sitcom (Zoom).
    Screenwriter - Seasons 3,4

    • Winner, Best Script in a Comedy Series for Children  - Awards of the Israeli Television Academy 2021

  • 2018 - Under the Skin ("Mitachat La-Or" / מתחת לעור) - Educational Sketch Show (Public Educational Channel).
    Staff Writer - Season 1.


  • 2017 - HaChafranim (החפרנים) - Educational Comedy Show (Public Educational Channel).
    Staff Writer - Season 6.


  • 2017 - Kadabra (כדברא) - Supernatural Drama Series for Young Adults (Nickelodeon Israel).
    Script Development - Season 2.


  • 2017 - The Big Nothing ("HaKlum HaGadol" / הכלום הגדול)Sci-Fi Comedy Series for Teens (Yes Kidz, Yes).
    Creator, Head Writer and Director.


  • 2014-2016 – Contacts ("Sihot Yotsot" / שיחות יוצאות) - Satirical Web Series (Indie).
    Co-creator, Co-Writer, Co-Director (With Yogev Yefet), Editor.

    • First 3 episodes reached over 2 million views in Israel.

    • Winner of the Grand Jury award and Best Drama Film in the 5th Hong Kong International Mobile Film Awards (2015).

    • Screened in Israeli cinematheques and on various TV shows.

  • 2014 – Completed BA in Film and Television with honors at TAU Film School.

    • Final Project, screenplay for the feature film "A Far Away Galaxy", won the annual pitching event receiving both the Jury Award and the Audience Choice Award (currently working on securing funding).

  • 2010 – NEXT (נקסט) - A Short Horror Film
    Co-Writer, Co-Director (with Tal Haring and Amir Cohn).

    • Winner of the Icon Festival "72 Hour Film" competition.

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