Dead End ("Sof Ha-Derech")

Original Comedy Web Series

10 episodes X 4.5 mins.
Creator, Co-Writer, Director.

In a post-apocalyptic Jerusalem, two teenage siblings bicker their way through what's left of the city in search of their little brother whom they lost in the aftermath of a nuclear explosion. They find that despite everything literally going up in smoke, nothing had really changed.

Season 1 has reached over 1.5M views in Israel in its first few months of airing.

Created for Kan, the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation, with support of the Jerusalem Film and Television Fund.

Production Company: Mind the Gap Animation (Yael Ozsinay).

Nominations & Awards
  • Animix Festival (Israel, 2019) - the leading festival for Israeli animation - Winner, Best Commissioned Animation

  • Realist Web Fest, (Russia, 2019) - Winner, Best Screenplay

  • Asia Web Awards (Korea, 2019) - Winner - Best Creator in Animation & Webfilm. Nominated - Best Comedy, Best Animation, Best Screenplay in a Comedy

  • Raindance Film Festival (UK, 2019) - Nominated, Best Web Series

  • Kaboom Animation Festival (Previously KLIK & HAFF Festivals) (Netherlands, 2019) – Nominated, Best Short Film

  • Seoul Web Fest, (Korea, 2019) - Nominated, Best Animation

  • All episodes on Youtube have English, Hebrew and Arabic subtitles. For episodes with hardcoded English subtitles, please contact me.


Creator and Director | Nir Berger

Screenplay | Ofir Sasson, Nir Berger

Production | Mind The Gap Animation

Art Director | Inbal Ochyon

Animation Director | Yael Ozsinay


Voice Acting | Gaya Beer Gurevich, Ofir Sasson, Yotam Perel,

Daniel Buxe

Additional Voice Acting | Guy Shahaf, Liron Narunsky, Rotem Bloch, Carmel Sela, Evyater Halimi

Guest Voice | Arik Eber


Soundtrack Design and Recording | Ori Kadishay, HaMazkeka Studios

Original Score | Nami Melumad


Storyboard | Ofir Sasson

Animatic Editor | Ofir Sasson, Nir Berger

Animation | Guy Shahaf, Netta Lahav, Shuli Tager, Gal Haklay,

Liron Narunsky, Yael Ozsinay

Layout and Backgrounds Design | Inbal Ochyon, Rotem Bloch,

Netta Lahav, Guy Shahaf

Rigging | Liron Narunsky, Netta Lahav, Yael Ozsinay

Compositing | Yali Herbet

Graphic Design | Tami Ozsinay


Arabic Translation | Dima Kanaan

English Translation | A.L. Fajores Industries

Subtitles | Jasmine Fadila

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